A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android

You wake up in your cryostasis pod 5000 years after nuclear war decimates the planet. To your surprise, it's lush and greener than you've ever seen before! Explore the new planet Earth and...

...date plants?

Made during My First Game Jam: Summer Edition 2016

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Published140 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android
Tagsbees, Dating Sim, free, myfirstgamejam, Otome, plants, Visual Novel
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download the file for your operating system, unzip it using winZIP or similar.

Select the application Amoris_Flores and play!


Amoris_Flores-1.0-all.zip (86 MB)
Amoris_Flores-1.0-win.zip (67 MB)
Amoris_Flores-1.0-mac.zip (66 MB)
Amoris_Flores-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 (70 MB)


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I was wondering about Wiserias ending, is there only one ending possible? Thank you for creating this game it was fun, and different.

Thanks for playing and enjoying the game!

Yes, there's only one ending for Wisteria that we could do in the time that we had.

Oh my gawd! i love this game! I obviously went with the rose ending and let me tell u, you did not disappoint! I would love it if u made more games with the flower people, I love them. all around amazing game only complaint, I dont have a reason to not go with rose, no weird interaction really deters you from taking roses side.

STILL! Fantastic game 420/69 (pun intended)

PS. plz make more games

Haha, thanks for playing and loving the game! We'll definitely think about making more games... maybe we'll make another one with some familiar characters too!

this is such an interesting premise, and i love the artwork; the style is lovely and the character designs are excellent!

Thanks for the compliments! We're glad you enjoyed the game :-)

I like their creepy teeth :)

Just skipping through for the art.

Hey, thanks for trying out our game! We hope you had a lot of fun~

Played it. :) Not sure if there are multiple endings, but I got what looks like the main one (with rose)

Loved the premise, I think the world building here is this game's strongest point. The dialogue I also enjoyed. Every character had a distinct voice and it made for some fun exchanges. By far rose is the strongest character here. They're well developed and have a level of complexity to them.

If you'd like critical feedback, I'd be more than happy to share my thoughts. But overall this was an enjoyable experience.

Thanks for playing and for leaving a comment, first of all!

Yes, there are multiple endings, though they're quite linear given the time we had at our disposal with the experience we had. World building was, by far, our favourite thing to do alongside developing each character so we're glad you liked them. :)

Please feel free to give us critical feedback! Both Prof and I would love to improve our skills and critique from players really help that along.

Sure! :) I think my biggest issue were the choices I was given. None of the alternate choices seemed at all appealing to me or really made me think too hard. The questions all kinda fell along the lines of "Be mean to Rose or continue to be nice?" If Rose acted in an odd way, or if their actions made you question their motives, then there might be some reason for doubt. As it currently stands, Rose is quite nice, so there's not much reason to choose any other path. A way to remedy this could be to just make the choices a little more ambiguous, or to somehow make the other branches look more appealing to the player.

The other area I thought could use some addition to was the scene underneath the tree towards the end. (don't wanna spoil too much in the comments here) But it came a little sudden and I felt the perpetrator could have used a little more development. Compared to everyone else's extremely strong dialogue, some of their lines felt a little out of place as well. I think this all comes with their lack of a visual identity atm. It might be cool if they're a character you were introduced to early on that you become close with, that later betrays you or uses you for their own goal (like to get closer to Rose, or access to something). A great example of this is Sayaka in Danganrompa 1.

Other than that though, really enjoyable. :) I thought you guys did great with the time you were given. Would love to see this project continued!

If you have time, I'd love it if one or more of you guys could give your thoughts on my VN game. :)